PzS-PzB (Traction batteries)

///PzS-PzB (Traction batteries)

PzS-PzB traction are open type batteries with liquid electrolyte with tubular positive plates. They are suitable when the application requires daily deep discharges for a long period of time. They are mainly used for powering electric vehicles, such as electric trucks, stackers, loading platforms, AGV, etc. Designed to provide a high level of strength and many cycles in deep discharges. Thanks to the special design with low antimony plates, they offer users less maintenance and improved operating costs. The optimized design offers very low self-discharge for a long period of storage without charging.

We offer whole new batteries, replacement of battery elements in the customer’s container (if the condition allows it), as well as the sale of 2V elements and all kinds of accessories from the largest European manufacturers SUNLIGHT, MIDAC и TRC.

For easier operation we offer central topping up systems and electrolyte mixing systems.

Properties and characteristics
    • Excellent performance in cyclic deep discharges
    • Maximum boot efficiency
    • Extended refill intervals
    • Number of cycles at 60% DoD: & gt; 1200
  • Available PzS Capacities and Configurations:

– from 12V to 96V: 100Ah to 1200Ah


  • Available capacities and PzB configurations:

– from 12V to 96V: 100Ah to 700Ah