HV Lithium Storage Batteries

///HV Lithium Storage Batteries

High Voltage Lithium Batteries ( LiFePO4 )

High Voltage Lithium Batteries (LiFePO4) battery systems with nominal voltages from 96V to 700V suitable for energy storage in three-phase systems. Built-in intelligent BMS with monitoring and protection function. The presence of an LCD display makes it easy to monitor the basic parameters during operation.

High voltage lithium batteries are compatible with most hybrid inverters on the market, communication and control, via RS232, RS485, SNMP, CAN, Modbus.

Customized solutions are available to meet different applications and requirements.



  • Security and High reliability:

Made of deep-cyclic, reliable and safe LiFePo4 cells.

Four levels of protection (per cell, battery, battery module and shelving system)

Reliable system connection.

Charging and discharging the system are controlled separately, which helps for seamless switching.

  • Save costs

Using the energy stored during the day reduces the cost of electricity from the grid (for hybrid installations)


  • High performance:

High quality cells with low resistance, the degree of energy conversion higher than 98%;

Highly efficient discharge, suitable for more than 3C discharge current.

  • Flexible solution:

Modular design allowing different combinations and increasing power;

  • Long life
  • Custom solutions:

Can provide customized systems based on different customer requirements.


It can be used for many different applications, such as hybrid solar installations for large houses with three-phase installations, for industrial plants and offices.

For offgrid installations where high energy is required throughout the night.

    Свойства и характеристики
    • Цикличен живот: 3500 цикъла при 90% DoD
    • Проектен живот: 15 години.
    • Налични капацитети: 96V до 700V системи от 10Ah до 200Ah (Възможност за увеличаване на капацитета чрез паралелно свързване на стелажни системи)