AGM VRLA (Cyclic)

The EV (Electric Vehicle) series is specially designed for frequent dilution with deep cycles. Using specially designed active material and robust grilles, the EV-series lead-regulated (AGM VRLA) battery-acid battery offers reliable performance in high-load applications and can provide more than 600 cycles at 80% DOD. Suitable for driving small vehicles with electric motors.

Features and Characteristics
Cyclic life: 900 cycles at 60% DoD
Project life: 12 years
Available capacities:

  • 6V blocks from 180Ah to 400Ah
  • 8V blocks from 170Ah to 200Ah
  • 12V blocks from 10Ah to 300Ah

    Model Terminal Type Voltage Capacity C20 Dimensions (mm)
    EV6-310 F14(M8) 6V 310Ah 295/178/364
    EV12-14 F2 12V 14Ah 151/98/100
    EV12-24 F13(M5) 12V 24Ah 181/77/167
    EV12-26 F13 12V 26Ah 166/178/125
    EV12-33 F11(M6) 12V 33Ah 195/130/168
    EV12-45 F11(M6) 12V 45Ah 198/166/169
    EV12-55 F11(M6) 12V 55Ah 229/138/216
    EV12-60 F11(M6) 12V 60Ah 260/169/185
    EV12-75 F11(M6) 12V 75Ah 260/169/218
    EV12-110 F12(M8) 12V 110Ah 328/172/220