Emergency power supply at the NPP

Complete engineering and construction of the battery Plante Groe 220V 1500Ah,

for emergency power supply at the NPP.

Embedded battery – technology Plante (GRoE) FIAMM Italy.

The battery is equipped with seismic racks.


Lithium 48V 800Ah

Installed Lithium battery in a villa with many consumers, located in a remote village, which has an unstable mains supply.
Achieved results: Thanks to hybrid inverters and lithium batteries, consumers receive constant voltage and power, despite fluctuations in mains power.

Inserted products: Low Voltage Lithium Batteries ( LiFePO4 )

Lithium 48V 400Ah Hybrid Site

Lithium battery 48V 400Ah installed in a hybrid base station of a mobile operator without mains power.

The base station has solar panels, a diesel generator and batteries.

Achieved results: The operation of the diesel generator is reduced to 2 times, for 2 hours a day.

OPzV 220V 400Ah Emergency power supply

Complete engineering and construction of 220V 400Ah batteries

for emergency power supply in hydropower plants.

Embedded battery technology OPzV SUNLIGHT Greece.

The batteries are equipped with racks.