OPzS batteries are open type batteries with electrolyte in liquid form with tubular positive plates. They are suitable when the application requires constant power for a long period of time. Designed to provide a high level of strength and many cycles in deep discharges. Thanks to the special design with low antimony plates, they offer users less maintenance and improved operating costs. The batteries need to be topped up every three years when recharging. The optimized design offers very low self-discharge for a long period of storage without charging.

Properties and characteristics
    • Excellent performance in cyclic deep discharges
    • Maximum boot efficiency
    • Stable undercharge characteristics
    • Extended refill intervals
    • Project life: 18+ years
    • Number of cycles at 60% DoD: & gt; 2000
  • Available Capacities:

– 2V cells from 100Ah to 3000Ah

– 6V blocks from 100Ah to 300Ah

– 12V blocks from 50Ah to 150Ah