For Traction Batteries

///For Traction Batteries

High frequency chargers

These chargers are suitable for GEL, AGM, Lead Acid  and Lithium batteries.

They provide a combination of charge at constant current and constant voltage. This makes it possible and
significantly reduces charging time and prevents permanent battery damage.
Easy adjustment via charging profile switches according to battery type.

Models and characteristics:

  • 24V-  5A; 10А; 15А; 20А; 25А; 40А;
  • 36V – 25A;
  • 48V – 20A;

Features and characteristics:

  • Battery charge profiles:

AGM, GEL, Lithium, Lead-Acid

  • Charging curve settings: 16 algorithms
  • Visual indicator (charge level)
  • Movable indicator: optional
  • Save Charge Logs
  • Protection class IP30 (Optional IP33)


  • Against pole swapping
  • Against short circuit
  • Against recharging
  • Against overheating

    Transformer Chargers

    Suitable for traction batteries type PzS and PzB for lifting and transport storage equipment.

    Chargers thanks to microprocessor control systems that constantly monitor the basic parameters to ensure proper operation and therefore protect and extend battery life.

    Properties and characteristics
    • Input voltage AC: Single-phase or Three-phase
    • Available models: 24V to 80V from 30A to 140A
    • DC output fuse
    • Automatic equalization charge
    • CE certified
    • Reducing current charge (WA characteristic) 9-11h.
    • Transformer thermal protection