Tubular Traction Blocks (Flooded)

///Tubular Traction Blocks (Flooded)

Tubular Traction Blocks

Batteries with tubular positive plates and liquid electrolyte. Designed to maintain capacity for a large number of cycles, extremely effective for everyday applications requiring deep discharges.

Designed for optimal use of space, quick installation and minimal maintenance. The standard design offers maximum compatibility for all applications.

Properties and characteristics
  • Cyclic life: 1200 cycles at 60% DoD
  • Project life: 10-12 years (when recharging)
  • Long cyclic life
  • Excellent cyclical characteristics
  • High performance
  • Increased endurance even in cases of
    poor charging conditions
  • Housing design: DIN and US
TRC TP  Tubular Flooded Blocks
TYPE Voltage Аh/ C20 Аh/ C5 Dimensions (mm)
TRC-TP6-195 6V 245Ah 195Ah 243/189/277
TRC-TP6-185 6V 235Ah 185Ah 260/180/280
TRC-TP6-280 (US305) 6V 350 Аh 270Ah 310/180/360
TRC-TP6-310 (US-L16) 6V 390 Аh 310Ah 310/180/410
TRC-TP8-140 8V 180Ah 140Ah 260/180/280
TRC-TP12-90 12V 115Ah 90Ah 345/175/235
TRC-TP12-120 12V 140Ah 120Ah 345/170/295