US Flat Plate Deep Cycle

///US Flat Plate Deep Cycle

US Flat Plate Deep Cycle

U.S. Battery’s Diamond Plate Technology and liquid electrolyte made in the United States. Providing deep cycles, able to maintain peak capacity for longer periods between charges, deliver high total energy throughout the life of the batteries and reduce operating costs.

Designed for optimal use of space, quick installation and minimal maintenance. The US enclosure standard and the dual terminal standard offer maximum compatibility for all applications.

Tristan 02 is the official representative of U.S. Battery for Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

Properties and characteristics
  • Cyclic life: 950 cycles at 60% DoD
  • Project life: 10 years (when recharging)
  • Long cyclic life
  • Excellent cyclical characteristics
  • High performance
  • Increased endurance even in cases of
    poor charging conditions
  • Housing design: US

    U.S. BATTERY 6/8/12 V Deep Cycle Batteries (Flooded)
    MODEL Voltage Capacity C20 Terminal type Dimensions (mm)
    US-2000 XC2 6V 220Ah UTL 260/181/286
    US-2200 XC2 6V 232Ah UTL 260/181/286
    US-100DIN XC2 6V 247Аh UTL 244/188/275
    US-125 XC2 6V 242Ah UTL 260/181/286
    US-145 XC2 6V 251Ah UTL 260/181/302
    US-305 XC2 6V 310Ah Offset 302/181/371
    US-L16 XC2 6V 385Ah Old S 302/181/425
    US-8VGC XC2 8V 170Ah UTL 260/181/286
    US-12VR XC2 12V 155Ah UTL 333/179/289