Plugs and output cables

///Plugs and output cables

Plug connectors

Tristan 02 Ltd. is the official representative of the products of Ravioli S.p.a for Bulgaria.

„DIN VDE versions 80 A, 160 A, 320 A, this range is in accordance with the current standards, defining uniform distances between the centers and representing the development of the previous DIN standards.
The series includes 2 versions:

Impact-resistant housing – suitable for all applications requiring high impact resistance;
Acid-resistant polymer housing – suitable for applications requiring increased acid resistance.

Flat connectors (Series America), available in a variety of color-identifying colors, are especially suitable for applications where a simple and fast connection is required.
The series includes various power levels, from 50 A to 350 A, and includes additional accessories and options.

SHTSE series is used mainly in warehousing equipment manufactured in Bulgaria.