Plante (GRoE)

Plante (GRoE) batteries are open type batteries with electrolyte in liquid form with cast (GRoE) positive plates of 99.9% pure lead. They are suitable when the application requires the highest level of security for a long period of time. Designed to provide a high level of strength and are designed for applications that require high energy peaks for a short period of time. Thanks to the special design, they manage to maintain their capacity for 25 years when recharging. Batteries need to be topped up every three years under normal operating conditions. The optimized design offers very low self-discharge for a long period of storage without charging.

Properties and characteristics
  • Good ability to deep dilute
  • Excellent performance when giving high power
  • Maximum loading efficiency
  • Stable undercharge
  • Extended refill intervals
  • Проектен живот: 25 година
  • Available capacities:

– 2V cells from 75Ah to 2600Ah